Tuesday, July 14, 2009

An Article I Really Liked

http://chronicle. com/weekly/ v55/i41/41cowena utism.htm

I read this, and it brought back memories -- feelings I have had all my life-- knowing that my brain was somehow wired differently, and that if one learned to use that wiring correctly, it would be a really excellent thing, not better and not worse but different from NT wiring (I did not know the slang NT back then), and with all this an intuition that there were others who shared my wiring and had not learned to use it effectively, and were viewed as not very smart by others, and denied the opportunities to learn in the best way they could- appropriate to their actual learning styles- as I was and am. (Of course, we are all different, so my intuition was at best an extremely rough approximation. Also, my definition of "best way" is only rough and intuitive.)

As a college educator, I see the other side of this as well, and again, there were things about this article that really struck me as accurate.

Dear reader, what do you think of it?

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